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Lemon Bliss Mini Bundts

My sister has been asking for a lemon cake since a long time. I did make her one but it wasn’t as tangy to her likeness. Today I decided to try a new recipe just for her. This lemon cake is truly bliss. Moist, tangy and delicious. The glaze just adds a sticky yummy tang …

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Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt

4yrs ago today, i started my blog Vishual Foodie. It started with the simple intention of collating traditional as well as good tried and tested recipes. It took a lot of pushing by my friends to get it started and now I am celebrating 4 yrs of it. This blog has been curated with a …

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Eggless Swedish Chocolate Toscatarta

This is a chocolate version of the Swedish Almond Cake or Toscatarta. The butter moist sponge is fudgy and oh so chocolatey while the crisp almond top gives it a beautiful contrast. Good eggless recipes are hard to find. And this ones a keeper. It’s a recipe shared by Anuja Sule from Simple Baking and …

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Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

A cake I absolutely adore and that’s saying something since am not a cheesecake lover. I waited months for my birthday to come just to order this from a baker friend and relished it. So when I saw this challenge posted by my baker friend Anuja I did the happy dance. Now there are many …

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Orange & Cranberry Cake

I had an order today for boozy tea cakes. 4 diff flavours. Now I do use alcohol in some of my birthday cakes (if the client demands) but usually I soak them or mix in the ganache. Never tried to booze up a tea cake When the client asked for 4 diff flavours, the bewdi …

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Armenian Nutmeg & Walnut Cake

I love baking and am mostly self taught. I enjoying reading new recipes but sometimes I feel too lazy to attempt them. But when u have company, that encourages u to try new things. So a group of us bakers try out new recipes and it’s so much fun gorging on bakes u never would …

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Inayas Bday bakes

  My daughters 10th bday cakes & return gifts The first one is a mud cake layered wit Nutella chocolates and frosted with Belgian chocolate The second one is an icecream cake. Mud cake with (Baskins) cotton candy and gold medal ribbon flavours and a salted caramel ganache on top Chocolate and strawberry cake jar …

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The prettiest cake I have made

This cake needed to feature on my blog. So here it is. A chocolate cake filled with fresh strawberry mousse and decorated with hand piped coloured ganache roses.  

Eggless Red Velvet Cuppies with Cream Cheese frosting

My Achilles heel seems to be red velvet. Always stayed away from it. I attempted it once on my birthday and got a Maroon colour cake with a crusty texture. It was tasty but not the red velvet I wanted Tried another recipe today and the taste and texture is awesome but still didn’t get …

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Mix Berry Vanilla Cake

What if you miss celebrating your dearest friend’s birthday. Simple you just surprise her the next time you meet. She is someone who keeps nagging, is it eggless ¬†or please make eggless na.   A recipe I see so many bakers using recently has been on my mind. Everyone has good things to say about …

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