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Orange & Cranberry Cake

I had an order today for boozy tea cakes. 4 diff flavours. Now I do use alcohol in some of my birthday cakes (if the client demands) but usually I soak them or mix in the ganache. Never tried to booze up a tea cake When the client asked for 4 diff flavours, the bewdi …

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Lemon almond tea cake

A quiet corner, rains threatening to drench everything but the sun still not ready to give up. A favourite book, a hot cup of lemon tea and a generous slice of moist lemon almond cake. And just because I feel like it, a dollop of whipped cream on the side. Pure bliss. This cake is …

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Rustic almond and chocolate chunk Biscotti

I enjoy my evening tea and when the clock strikes 5, my senses start craving for a hot cup of tea. Yesterday a virtual friend Sarika Shah pinged me and mentioned that she would be in the vicinity. Now for the uninitiated, I have made many friends ┬áin the virtual land of Facebook. Being a …

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