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Orange & Cranberry Cake

I had an order today for boozy tea cakes. 4 diff flavours. Now I do use alcohol in some of my birthday cakes (if the client demands) but usually I soak them or mix in the ganache. Never tried to booze up a tea cake When the client asked for 4 diff flavours, the bewdi …

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Eggless chocolate cake with candied orange peel

A long pending promise to my friends daughter Saima finally saw the results today. My first attempt to teach baking to someone, actually resulted in some hiccups but my student passed with flying colours. The ganache was either to runny or too stiff and the piping was giving us lots of trouble. But we did …

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Eggless wholewheat orange cupcake

I love my desserts and usually they are sinful with an addition of eggs. Was looking at some alternative ingredients to bake a cupcake. Browsing through the various talented bloggers in India, I found an interesting recipe by Priya Shiva. Eggless and wholewheat – not my preference but thought let me try atleast. Can give …

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