Category: Cocktails

Spicy Margarita

One week no cooking only nursing. Kids and I have been down with the seasonal flu and looks like finally we are on the road to recovery. My group of foodie friends were given chillies as a challenge and with everything happening thought I would miss the deadline. Had big plans for this spicy ingredients …

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Plum Zing

I discovered a hidden talent when I participated in a cocktail mixing event. Post that event I have concocted many a mixes that have that zip zap zing to it. The Plum zing was made with leftover savoury spiced plum sauce. But the simple option is to cook out the plums with some ginger or …

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The 4 Cs

In continuation with the Brownie post where i dedicated the dish to my daughter, I couldn’t leave my son behind He deserved a dedication too. My son brought out the strangest cravings while he was in my tummy. Never a coffee drinker, I had some manic coffee cravings while in Hyderabad. I used to consult …

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