December 2015 archive

Butter Cookies

I like making something elaborate, something that requires planning and a meticulous prep. The pleasure that the final product gives me is utter bliss. And then sometimes I like to keep it simple. What can I say I am a bundle of contradictions. This recipe is from Pooja Dhingra’s Big book of treats. I like …

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Pasta with a charred red pepper sauce

I call myself a foodie but I also have a long list of food I hate. My friends and family have been given that long list to memorise as it seriously upsets me when they don’t remember what I hate.¬†???. Yeah. I am a fussy foodie. On the list, besides a million other things is …

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Stuffed Mushrooms

Have u seen those cartoons that have these hearts popping out of their eyes when they see or hear something they love. Well I get like that when someone says mushrooms¬†??, esp stuffed mushrooms. I have been making these stuffed mushrooms for years and just realised for some reason have never featured them on the …

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