Pasta with a charred red pepper sauce

bell pepper sauce

I call myself a foodie but I also have a long list of food I hate. My friends and family have been given that long list to memorise as it seriously upsets me when they don’t remember what I hate. ???. Yeah. I am a fussy foodie.

bell pepper sauce

On the list, besides a million other things is Capsicum and Bell Pepper. I absolutely detest it in any preparation and religiously remove it or refuse to eat. But surprisingly I love this red pepper sauce. I use it for so many different kinds of preparations.

If u want a pasta that’s spicy and different, then this charred red bell pepper sauce pasta is especially for u.

bell pepper sauce

1 big red capsicum

3-4 big tomatoes

10-12 garlic flakes

4-5 dried red chillies

1 pkt amul cream

200 gms boiled pasta

100 gms each of mushroom, broccoli, baby corn, zucchini

1 tbsp of mixed dried Italian herbs

olive oil



  1. Chop capsicum, tomatoes, garlic flakes and chillis and add it to the pan with a little oil
  2. Cook on high heat till soft and slightly charred though be careful not to burn it
  3. When cool blitz it in the mixer to a fine paste adding little water if necessary
  4. Heat oil, add the baby corn, sauté, then add the mushroom, sautee and then add the broccoli adn zucchini. add little salt and dried herbs.
  5. Add the boiled pasta and the sauce to the vegetables. Mix well and adjust seasoning.
  6. Add the cream and mix well. Shut the gas