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Stuffed Kulchas

Aaj khaane mein kya hai? This question I hear daily, which means I need to introduce some variety for the family time to time. Last night to this afternoon, my lunch plans changed quite a few times. Finally late morning I remembered this kulcha made recently by my friend Apeksha. She is fantastic with rotis …

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Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Potato Wedges

3 years ago a group of friends decided to go for a picnic and we called the spot Haveli as a joke. This group that went made a WhatsApp group and continued it even after the picnic. This is my Haveli group and the people here play an important role in my life. At this …

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Stuffed Mushrooms

Have u seen those cartoons that have these hearts popping out of their eyes when they see or hear something they love. Well I get like that when someone says mushrooms ??, esp stuffed mushrooms. I have been making these stuffed mushrooms for years and just realised for some reason have never featured them on the …

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