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Hyderabadi Shaadiwala Red Chicken

Since my move to Hyderabad, I have been reading about the various specialities that this city has to offer. I haven’t tasted this dish outside but the name kept attracting me and after much research zeroed in on this recipe. Adapting it to our tastes. My kids say this now is their top Indian gravy …

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Eggless Red Velvet Cuppies with Cream Cheese frosting

My Achilles heel seems to be red velvet. Always stayed away from it. I attempted it once on my birthday and got a Maroon colour cake with a crusty texture. It was tasty but not the red velvet I wanted Tried another recipe today and the taste and texture is awesome but still didn’t get …

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Chicken Thai red curry

I love Thai food. Close to coastal southie flavours with the use of coconut but the addition of lemon grass and fish sauce add that twist to the dish. I was keen on making green curry but lack of ingredients made me opt for the tried and tasted red curry. Fiery, spicy, creamy with hot …

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