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Apollo Fish

Living in Hyderabad I have discovered so many interesting dishes. After experimenting with loose prawns, I was told to try the Apollo fish. I have tasted a few versions but the best was at this small Telugu joint called Simhapuri deluxe. It was too good These Hyderabadi special dishes are perfect bar nibbles. An amazing …

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Hyderabadi Shaadiwala Red Chicken

Since my move to Hyderabad, I have been reading about the various specialities that this city has to offer. I haven’t tasted this dish outside but the name kept attracting me and after much research zeroed in on this recipe. Adapting it to our tastes. My kids say this now is their top Indian gravy …

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Tala Hua Ghosht

Hyderabad is famous for its Biryani but my pet peeve is that there is never enough meat in it. Most Biryanis I have tasted here are lots of flavoured rice and 4 pieces of meat. I have rarely seen a layered biryani with masala. Don’t get me wrong, I love this style of Biryani as …

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