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Spinach Soup

It’s a lazy lazy Sunday. The skies have opened up and it’s that kind of day where u want some comfort food without too much effort. A friend had dropped in for dinner and since I was making lasagna asked her to get some bread to go with it. But we never landed eating it …

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Spinach Mushroom & Bacon Quiche

I just returned from a home bakers conventionĀ and feel all geared up to try so many new baked dishes. For some reason I always baked sweet and never savoury. I secretly always drooled at quiches and pies with the hope of making it some day. The only thing that frightened me was getting the crust …

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Cheesy Palak Corn Tikkis

A dish that fails me every time are tikkis. Yeah I admit it. A basic thing like Tikki, I don’t seem to get it right. Then I went for a potluck and had this really interesting Tikki. I thought it was harra bharra and took a bite sceptically as I am not too fond of …

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