Spinach Soup


It’s a lazy lazy Sunday. The skies have opened up and it’s that kind of day where u want some comfort food without too much effort.

A friend had dropped in for dinner and since I was making lasagna asked her to get some bread to go with it. But we never landed eating it as the lasagna was quite filling. The idea of a cheesy pull apart bread popped in my head and I decided to keep the bread in the fridge for a rainy day.

IMG_7350 2
It’s so easy. No brainier absolutely. And so delicious and fattening ??, though it’s better to opt for a harder denser bread. This one was a butter bread so quite soft and flaky.

If there’s rain and bread to go with it then there should be some piping hot soup. Strangely I never posted my spinach soup on the blog and I decided to make it along with the pull apart.

Isn’t this an awesome Sunday meal. ?

cheese bread


1 big bundle chopped spinach

1 chopped onion

6-8 chopped garlic

6-7 peppercorns

1 bayleaf

2 cups water

1 cup milk

1 tsp jeera powder

(Optional – 2 Maggi veg/chicken cubes. Amazing flavour. But avoid this when someone is unwell)


  1. Heat 1 tsp oil, add the peppercorns and bay leaf.
  2. When it sizzles, add the onions and garlic.
  3. Let the onions turn pink, add the spinach. Cover and cook. Shut the gas when cooked
  4. Throw away the bay leaf and bit zit in the mixer
  5. Heat the 2 cups water, add jeera powder (if using Maggi cubes, add them now)
  6. Add the puréed spinach and adjust seasoning. Let it boil for a few minutes.
  7. Lower the gas and add the milk. Bring it to a boil and shut the gas.