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Pan Fried Basa and the works

When u plan an elaborate Sunday Lunch for your family, there is no holding back. PAN FRIED BASA INGREDIENTS 4 Basa Fillets 1/4 cup maida 1 tsp chilli powder salt Olive oil 1. Pat dry the basa fillets well to absorb all extra moisture. 3. Mix the maida salt and chilli flakes. 2. Either leave …

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Schezwan Triple Fried Rice – Lockdown version

When ur under a lockdown and u barely have any veggies or meat plus some left over noodles and rice, what do u do? You whip up some jugaadu or cheats way to make some desi Indochinese. My version of the popular Schezwan triple fried rice with an omlette blanket to balance out the spice …

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Burnt Garlic Fried Rice

I struggle big time with Chinese cuisine, just don’t seem to get it right. But when you have friends who are pro with it, then you can just give up. My dearest friend Ameya Warty was sweet enough to share these 2 recipes and guide me through it. Still fall short of the super Chinese …

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