Burnt Garlic Fried Rice

I struggle big time with Chinese cuisine, just don’t seem to get it right. But when you have friends who are pro with it, then you can just give up.

My dearest friend Ameya Warty was sweet enough to share these 2 recipes and guide me through it. Still fall short of the super Chinese food hogged at his outlet Oh My Food, but will keep trying till I get it just right.

Burnt Garlic Fried rice and Chilli chicken gravy, so stuffed after this meal.


1 cup rice 90% cooked by Draining method
Long sliced Cabbage 1/4th
Beans slit long 8-10
Mushrooms chopped 6-8
Spring onions chopped fine
Carrots sliced long 1
Onions 1 sliced long
Any other Vegetables u want to add
Garlic chopped roughly & Fried till light brown – 20-24 cloves
Soya sauce 2 tsp
Chilli sauce 1 tsp


  1. In a wok/kadhai heat oil, swirl it on the entire vessel so it’s coated evenly. Remove excess oil else the rice will get oily.
  2. Fry onions, spring onions, beans, carrots, mushrooms and all other Vegetables but dont let them go soft. Maintain the crunch.
  3. Add half of fried garlic and mix well, add soya and chilli sauce and salt. Do a taste check at this point and what’s needed.
  4. Add the rice and mix with a light hand to avoid breaking of rice. Toss if u can instead of mixing.
  5. Spread the remaining fried garlic on top.
  6. Serve hot with chilli gravy