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Kulfi Chicken

When a friend called and said ‘Am unwell, make something to make me feel better’. I was left flummoxed. What to make now. Something new for sure. Searched my saved recipes and liked one but then this friend messages to say make kulfi chicken. KULFI CHICKEN! What in the world is that. I was like …

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Creamy Lemon Butter Chicken

I am getting hooked to the food videos that come on FB. They look so easy and droolicious. Had saved this a while back with the thought that I would make it sometime. My family and friends know that I love cooking and 2-3 of them sent me the link to check out. Which meant …

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Saffron risotto with lemon garlic prawns

I love watching food shows and most of the risotto challenges are a make or break in the contest. Have never ever tried risotto and even after searching I couldn’t get access to arborio rice easily. And then I visited USA, and went berserk shopping for ingredients. Arborio was one of them My cousin gifted …

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