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Oct 26

Mushroom Dum Biryani

Your sister says she is coming over for lunch and her constant gripe is that I don’t cook anything for her. So this time I thought would take an effort to make something elaborate. Now when it’s a Tuesday and she follows a no nonveg day, that would certainly leave me in a fix. Lazy …

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Jul 05

Coimbatore’s Hotel Annapoorna’s Sambhar

I have this friend who loves her sambhar rice and could gorge on it daily. I would keep cribbing that ‘how can u eat the same thing nearly every day’. But she would grin with satisfaction and I knew she was in foodie bliss One day she sent me a video of this sambhar and …

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Feb 10

Paneer Tikka Masala

We all have those days where you are bored making the same old food. Kids crib too and imagine my kids who get so much more variety than their peers. I guess I give them too many options. Well lucky them, their mom keeps experimenting. 😛 Had some paneer in the fridge and was wondering …

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Aug 31

Cheesy Palak Corn Tikkis

A dish that fails me every time are tikkis. Yeah I admit it. A basic thing like Tikki, I don’t seem to get it right. Then I went for a potluck and had this really interesting Tikki. I thought it was harra bharra and took a bite sceptically as I am not too fond of …

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Aug 25

Smoky Dal Tadka & Shahi Kadhai

I am no veggie lover. I barely cook exotic vegetarian cuisine, so when I got an order inquiry for vegetarian restaurant type food, I was like no problem Paneer hai na. Then the client said, NOoo I want a rich mixed vegetable dish and Dal that’s something different. I was like sure why not. As …

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Jun 12

Palak Paneer with Mini Kulchas

Palak paneer is such a common dish. And it’s such a simple dish. But sometimes it’s the simple dishes that aren’t so easy to perfect. A friend of mine Prerna had given me her recipe a long time ago and till date it has never failed me. I use the softest creamiest paneer from Sind …

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May 02

Kuku Da Kajipu (Mango curry)

Summer is here and the season of mangoes is in full bloom. Mangoes usually means aamras, pickles, mousse, milkshakes, desserts. In Mangalore we make curries out of it. I have previously posted a pineapple menaskai (curry) recipe that can also be made into a mango menaskai Another variant in curries is the Kuku Da Kajipu which …

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Apr 23

Dal Makhani

I am a fan of Nita Mehta’s recipes. I know a lot of purists will not agree but I find it simple and the end results never fail. This is a dal makhani I make using her recipe and its an absolute favourite with the kids. All you need is some steamed or jeera rice …

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Mar 19

Kashmiri Pulao and Dum Kokur

Chefs across boundaries is a group of bloggers who challenge each other every month with cuisines and fusions that encourages us to step beyond our comfort zone and attempt something new. This month the challenge was given by Nidhi S Raj ( to create a traditional Kashmiri dish. Now besides a Dum Aloo, I have never cooked anything …

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Mar 18

Rajma Chawal

Soul food, comfort food, rajma chawal and kachumber. All in the same breath I have made rajma a zillion times from this recipe unfortunately cannot credit anyone as it was written years before in my recipe notebook This time went the no soak way and cooked the beans directly in the cooker. Took close to …

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