Sindhi Baingan Fry

The mother of one of my besties is an amazing cook. I know her since over 20 years and I remember when we used to party all night and land up at her place, aunty would feed us some amazing rajma rice. Once we were so drunk that we thought it was mutton.

Aunty is a skillful cook and she can cook any cuisine brilliantly. Our recent Sunday lunch invite at their house featured some wonderful Sindhi dishes. One of them that made me drool big time was the long baingan slices slathered in masala kept to the side. That was the one thing I pounced on when Aunty asked if we wanted to parcel anything home.
I finally decided to make it recently and got the recipe from Aunty. So damn simple and super delicious, all polished off.

4-5 long brinjals
Oil for frying
Salted water
Mix of 1tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp coriander powder, 1/2 tsp amchur and salt

1. Slit the baingans in half length wise. Discard the stalks.

2. Run a knife though slant // on the fleshy side one way then \\ the other way to get diamond cuts on the flesh.

3. Put them in salted water for half hr.

4. Heat oil, wipe the brinjals down and deep fry them till cooked.

5. Wipe the excess oil and sprinkle the spice mix ensuring it enters the slits.6. Serve hot