Shepherds Pie


Shepherd’s pie is a type of savoury pie made with minced meat and mashed potato on top. It comes from the United Kingdom and Ireland though now the dish is now popular worldwide.


In modern British English, the dish is usually called “cottage pie” if it is made with beef. If it is made with lamb it is usually called “shepherd’s pie”


In early cookery books, the dish was a means of using leftover roasted meat of any kind, and the pie dish was lined with mashed potato as well as having a mashed potato crust on top.Unlike standard pies, cottage or shepherd’s pie does not include a bottom pastry crust.

500 gms mutton mince
5-6 big boiled potatoes
2 big chopped onions
10-12 minced garlic
1 pkt cubed mushroom
1/2 pkt tomato purée
1-2 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp maida
2-3 chopped chillies
1 tsp rosemary, thyme
3-4 tbsp milk

1) in a heavy bottomed pan, heat butter and add onion and garlic. Sautée till pink
2) add the mince and fry on high heat till brown
3) add the tomato purée, salt and some water. Keep lid slightly ajar and cook the meat
4) after some time add the chillies. Keep cooking
5) after a while add the Worcestershire and ketchup, herbs. Keep cooking. Adjust water accordingly. Ideal would be to add meat stock but I didn’t have it so kept adding little water at a time
6) cook for atleast an hour with lid slightly ajar. Adjust seasoning
7) add mushrooms and cook till done. By this time the liquid should have dried out
8) add maida and mix well
9) pour into a bake proof dish
10) boil the potatoes, peel and mash
11) add salt, 1 tbsp butter and little milk at a time to get a creamy consistency. Pass through a drum sieve to remove lumps
12) I used a piping bag to pour out the mash on the mince. U can also place it neatly on top and run designs with a fork
13) pre heat the oven and bake at 180 for 20 mins. Then grill at 220 for 5-10 mins or till mash gets brown.

Note – U can also add veggies like carrots, peas at step 4 if u want based on their cooking time.