Instant Rawa Idli and Chilli Garlic Coconut Chutney

I have only eaten this Rawa idli at my mom’s house. My sister makes it for us, and I like how it pairs well with this pungent chutney to make a filling and delicious breakfast.

Though it is an instant idli recipe, the process isn’t instant. Worth the effort, especially if you have forgotten to soak the rice etc for regular idlis. This idli needs to be paired with this chutney only as both are a match made in heaven.

Rawa Idli

2 cups rice idli rawa

4 cups of water



1 tbsp rai/mustard seeds

1 tbsp urad dal

10 curry leaves/karipata

2 dried red chilliesOil

  1. Take a vessel, add the rawa, water and salt.,
  2. Boil this till it thickens continue to stir all the time.
  3. Once thickened switch off the gas.
  4. Take some oil and temper with rai, urad dal karipatta and red chilli. Add it to the rawa mix.
  5. Mix well and Let it cool.
  6. Shape it into flattish balls and make an indentation in the center with your thumb to form a well. Ensure you press the balls with your hand so as to tighten it else will fall apart during steaming.
  7. Take a steamer fill with water, when it lets out steam, add the idlis and steam it for 15 minutes.
  8. Serve hot with the chilli garlic coconut chutney

Chilli Garlic Coconut chutney

1 cup freshly grated coconut

3-4 garlic

2 dried red Kashmiri chillies


  1. In a mixer grind the coconut, chilli, garlic and salt to a coarse paste.
  2. The chilli and garlic are meant to be pungent in this chutney as then it will pair well with the idli which is a little band. No tempering required. Keep the chutney coarse and thick. You can adjust the chillies and garlic as per your taste.