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Chicken Pulav

I have attempted different versions of biryani before and I still have some more left in my kitty to make. I honestly didn’t feel like putting the effort I usually do for a biryani today so I decided to try a pulav. Now I thought this is going to be easy but honestly it was …

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Prawn Pulao

Today being a holiday, I woke up late and around 11 am thought – let’s try a new dish. I haven’t made any savoury recently and I also had prawns in the freezer. I didn’t want to make the regular dishes with prawns so thought why not try a pulao. Messaged a few friends who …

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Kashmiri Pulao and Dum Kokur

Chefs across boundaries is a group of bloggers who challenge each other every month with cuisines and fusions that encourages us to step beyond our comfort zone and attempt something new. This month the challenge was given by Nidhi S Raj ( http://soulandspicebox.com/) to create a traditional Kashmiri dish. Now besides a Dum Aloo, I have never cooked anything …

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