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Vegetable Biryani

I love my meat and honestly believed that the term Biryani is reserved only for non vegetarian rice dishes. Many of my vegetarian friends would disagree though. The process is similar to making a nonveg biryani so I believe the title can be shared if I am being generous. I have adapted this recipe slightly from cookwithmanali.coms recipe. I don’t eat …

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Maaria’s Madras Spl Chicken Biryani

  Now u must be wondering who is Maaria and whats a Madras Biryani Recently on my travels i landed up in Madras urf Chennai on the invitation of my baker friend, the uber talented Maaria Kulsum Tanveer. I got a chance to taste the crispiest dosa, finger licking tomato chutney and delicious sambhar. Her …

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Chicken Dum Biryani

Eid is the one occasion where the aromas and flavours of Biryani call out to me. I love a good mutton biryani and was really keen to make the one I has posted in my blog a while back but the kids vetoed my brilliant plan and insisted on a chicken biryani. Now I had …

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