White Forest Fudge – Version 2


In my previous post, i told you about the dinner invitation and my plan the white forest fudge. So leisurely made the fudge and set it. Did a photo shoot too. Then decided to give my husband a taste and he declared it was too sweet. My kids took a bite and absolutely adored it. Now I was in a fix. What if my guests didn’t enjoy it because of its sweetness. Oh God, will it be a flop.


Racked my brains, called up Nidhi (my foodie bestie) and discussed it with her. As usual her advice was right on the mark. Was running super late but had to get this done, quickly opened the Monaco biscuits and blitzed them in the mixer with butter, chopped some walnuts, melted the already set fudge. Phew looks like it can be modidifed in time. Layered the dish with the salted biscuit base, set it in the freezer for half hr, then poured the semi melted fudge on it and topped with chopped walnuts. Set it in the fridge till we we could get ready for the party. Some more setting time at the guests house and finally was ecstatic that everyone loved it at the party.


When the host said, I wish you had brought some of the original pieces, i just gave my hubby a look. Well alls well that  ends well.

PS – saved some of the original fudge for my brats.


500 gms white chocolate

300 gms condensed milk

1/2 cup dried cranberries

15 oreo biscuits (remove vanilla filling to avoid extra sweetness)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

2 packets of Monaco Biscuit (or any salted biscuit

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1 big tbsp butter

1) line a rectangular bowl with baking paper and grease it. Blitz the Monaco biscuits with butter in a mixer to make a fine powder. Layer the bowl with the biscuit powder and keep in the fridge.

2) In a double boiler (heat water in a vessel, when it boils put a slightly bigger vessel on top of it, the chocolate needs to melt in the top vessel. This is the double boiler method. Water should not come in contact with the top vessel, the chocolate should only cook with the steam of the boiling  water in the bottom vessel)

3) when it melts, add the vanilla extract and salt, mix well. Be careful not to get the chocolate too hot. You can remove from heat if u feel its getting too hot.

4) Add the condensed milk and mix well. It will start to solidify. Work quickly. Add the halved cranberries and quartered oreos. Mix well

5) Pour into the bowl and flatten it out. Top with the chopped walnuts. Let it cool and refridgerate for minimum 2 hrs

6) cut into square and enjoy.