Strawberry Decadence


14th February changed for us around 9 years ago. From being Valentines Day to being the birth of our daughter. Ever since we rarely celebrate Valentines as the focus is on our daughter Inaya.


My neighbour recently gifted me a bag of humongous strawberries and was wondering what to do with it. Since I have ventured into food in a big way, thought of making a few romance centric dishes to commemorate Valentines Day.


The first one is Strawberry Decadence. A mix between strawberry cheesecake and strawberries and cream. A sprinkle of chocolate powder and a sticky sweet kick of marshmallows makes it an interesting dessert. Super easy and apt for the special day.



!/2 tin condensed milk

1 lime – juiced

1 tsp vanilla essence / !/2 tsp extract

150 gms cream cheese

1/2 pkt thick amul cream

12 big chopped strawberries + 1 for decoration

1 tsp powdered chocolate

4 chopped marshmallows (optional)

1) blend the condensed milk and lime juice well in a mixer

2) add the vanilla extract and strawberries and blend once more

3) Add cream cheese

4) whip the cream (use only the thick part, discard the liquid) in a separate bowl and then fold the strawberry cream cheese mixture into it

5) Pour into glasses or bowls and refrigerate till serving time

6) At serving time, decorate with chocolate powder and a sliced strawberry piece.

Recipe inspired by Ina Parmaan