Wholewheat Jackfruit fritters


I absolutely adore ripe Jackfruit. I know there are mixed feelings about this fruit but I am its biggest fan. I just wait for the season to gorge on them. Recently I found some at the supermarket and immediately bought it. Enjoyed about half of it till I thought, i should try to make something with it. Remembered mom makes these awesome banana fritters that I absolutely adore. Quickly called her and asked if i can do the same thing with the jackfruit. She said of course so here it is



1/2 kg ripe jackfruit (deseeded)

1 big cup of wholewheat flour

1/4 cup of jaggery

5-6 pounded elaichi


1) Steam the jackfruit pieces till soft. I put water in a cooker, and placed a bowl filled with jackfruit. cover the bowl with a lid. Give one whistle and leave it on slow for 5 mins. Do not put water in the jackfruit bowl as the fruit will let out its juices any way.

2) when cool, grind the jackfruit, jaggery and powdered elaichi to a paste.

3) Slowly add the flour and knead to a slightly wet dough. It should be a thick pouring consistency.

4) Heat appey pan, add a drop of ghee and pour the batter, Cover and cook for 5 mins on each side or till golden brown.