Loose Prawns

I woke up this morning and realised my blog Vishualfoodie completes 8 years. Started with a gusto only to have dwindled posting over the last few years. But with a guarantee that the recipes on the blog have been loved and made repeatedly not only by me but my many who follow it. Some of the recipes have been a star attraction not only amongst followers families but also some of their business best sellers.

I honestly didn’t have time to cook anything elaborate and suddenly remembered this dish that aroused my curiosity after moving to Hyderabad.

Loose prawns are featured on many local Hyderabad restaurant menus under the Chinese section. It’s one of those Hyderabadi-Chinese inventions like the Apollo fish and the chicken 65. One day I finally decided to order it even though was highly amused by the name Loose Prawns. What a bang on dish. So flavourful and perfect snacky item with a few drinks.

Here is my humble attempt if not authentic attempt at Loose Prawns

Prawns 500 grams.
Green chili 3 Ginger 1″ Garlic 10
Corn starch 1 tablespoon.
All-purpose flour (Maida) 1 tablespoon.
Soy sauce 2 tablespoons.
Chili powder 2 tablespoons.
Curry leaves 2 springs.
Coriander chopped 1 bunch.
Sugar 1 pinch.
Oil to fry.
Salt to taste.

  1. Take a bowl, add prawns, salt, chilli powder, Soy sauce, mix it properly.
  1. Then add all purpose flour, corn starch and mix it. If mix is thick, then add little water.
  1. In a mixer add chopped Ginger & garlic, green chillies, curry leaves, chopped coriander leaves, sugar, salt and make a coarse paste.
  1. Heat oil and deep-fry the prawns.
  1. Heat oil in another pan, add coarse paste (earlier prepared) cook it till moisture is evaporated.
  1. After that add fried prawns, toss it.

Recipe courtesy Vah Re Vah