Mushroom Garlic Cream Pasta

Everyone likes a delicious pasta. Here in India, a very small percentage of the varieties of pasta that are made abroad are reproduced. Am a fan of MasterChef and to see Also cook up such a variety is fascinating.

It’s my dream to make my own pasta from scratch and to also attempt some of Aldos delicious rustic pastas. Until then I dare to try variations in the sauce, mostly the ones that we are exposed to in India.

The varieties of pastas I have attempted are pesto, arrabiata, Alfredo, aglio olio, charred bell pepper, lasagna, stuffed pasta and now this the Mushroom garlic cream sauce.


300 gms boneless chicken
Chilli powder/pepper
Olive oil
2 chopped onions
10-12 flakes chopped garlic
1 pkt sliced mushrooms
1 small pack of amul fresh cream
Half box of amul cheese spread
Veggies of your choice – I used broccoli, baby corn
Herbs – oregano, basil, parsley, chilli flakes
Spaghetti – 250 GM’s

1. Marinate chicken with salt and chilli flakes for about 2 hrs

2. Boil pasta to al dente. Reserve some pasta liquid before straining.

3. Sautee the veggies in olive oil and add the herbs and seasonig. Keep aside

4. Cook the chicken in oil till tender. Keep aside

5. In the same pan add butter, add chopped garlic, onion, saute till translucent

6. Add mushrooms and salt

7. When cooked add cream, chilli flakes, herbs, cheese spread, mix Vell.

8. Simmer, add pasta veggies Chicken and mix well. Adjust seasoning