Roasted Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is such a wintery preparation but fits in perfectly when its raining outside and the aroma of the wet earth warms your soul.

I have come to realise that most soups are quite easy and wholesome to make. Surprisingly the kids seem to like them too. This series of soups are dedicated to my mom who is a fighter and recovering from ill health.


250 gms pumpkin sliced to 1″ thick cubes
5 garlic flakes
1 chopped onion
1 bayleaf
3-4 cloves
1 stick cinnamon
1/4 cup milk
1 cup water/stock
Olive oil
Chilli flakes
1 slice bread

  1. Drizzle oil on the pumpkin pieces and sprinkle salt and chilli flakes
  2. Roast the pumpkin in a pre heated oven with the garlic. Roast for 15- 20 mins at 180 or till pumpkin is tender.
  3. When cool, blitz it to a puree.
  4. Heat butter in a pan, add the spices, when it sizzles sauté the onions.
  5. When the onions sweat, add the pumpkin and Garlic and mix well. Shut the gas.
  6. When cool, discard the spices and blitz in mixer.
  7. Heat this mix with water/stock and milk. Add pepper and adjust seasoning and consistency.
  8. Cut the bread slices into small squares and toast on pan with a little butter to a golden crisp.
  9. Garnish the soup at serving time with croutons.