Sometimes, before we venture into the Unknown, we worry about it. Think Oh this is impossible or is it worth the effort. And most times we procrastinate or avoid trying something new for fear of failure.


Meringues was something I wanted to try since quite a while but always hesitated as was worried that they would flop. After months, I chose the strangest time to give it a go. The eve of my daughters bday. Wanted a couple of meringues to decorate her cake. And was surprised as to how easy it was.

Asked a few friends and with guidance from a brilliant baker Anuja Sule set about making it at 9 in the night. Yes am a fool. Something that takes a long time to make esp using a hand mixer and the long baking time involved it was a bad idea but went ahead with it. Took me a long time to whisk it but still need to get the right consistency. Maybe a kitchen aid would help ?. Anyway slept super late but landed up making millions of meringues as didn’t judge the quantity I needed.


The blue ones are peppermint flavour and sandwiched them with some Belgian chocolate ganache. Waiting to try so many flavours and fillings in the new future.


100 gms egg whites

180 gms castor sugar

pinch of salt

flavour of your choice

gel colour of your choice


  1. Separate egg white and yolks ensuring that not a bit of the yolk gets into the white. Its advisable to do one egg at a time and separate the whites in another vessel to ensure minimum wastage. Put the whites in a dry clean vessel.
  2. Slowly add sugar in increments and start whisking your egg whites.
  3. When u reach soft peaks, add the salt and continue to whisk till u get stiff peaks. When u overturn the vessel, the whites should hold shape and not drip.
  4. Add 1-2 drops of flavour and fold it in. repeat with colour.
  5. Put it in a preheated oven at 125 C for about 40-45 mins. Top, bottom rod with fan on, center rack.  Basically we need to dry the cookies out.
  6. Once done, leave the oven door slightly ajar and let the meringues cool in the oven.
  7. Once absolutely cool, store in a airtight box upto 10 days.