Cognac infused truffles with fig and walnut


My mind seems to be moving towards romantic, intimate dishes this week. What could be the reason I wonder? 🙂


I had soaked some figs in Cognac for my fig sauce in which I had pan seared chicken last night. I had some figs left over, and wanted to make a dessert with it.


Read up about truffles and wondered why I never bothered to make them before. Quite easy and so yumm. Made the adult version, infused with cognac, and did quite a bit of taste tests so now grinning like a happy cow.


Now with Figs which is considered an aphrodisiac and chocolate to give it a double shot, just added liquor to seal the deal. Some light reading ;-p and a few of the truffles to savour is a perfect Valentine pick me up while you wait for your date.


2 cups chopped Dark Chocolate

1 pkt Amul cream

2 tbsp butter

2-3 tbsp cognac

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1/2 cup chopped dried figs (I used the ones I had soaked overnight in cognac as had some leftover, you can use without soaking too)

1) In a double boiler/microwave, heat cream and butter and add the chopped chocolate. Without overheating, melt and mix the chocolate, cream and butter well.

2) Add the cognac and the figs and walnut.

3) pour into a greased dish and keep it in the fridge for an hr or till its set

4) cut out squares once the mix is set and form little balls quickly

5) u can decorate as per preference – i used chopped almonds, chopped pistachios, coloured sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, unsweetened cocoa powder, chocolate powder. Use your creativity to decorate with whatever you please

6) Keep in the fridge for minimum 4 hrs before serving. Keep in airtight box and in fridge.