Khus Khus Malai chicken


Whenever I want to try some new Indian chicken dishes, I usually refer to recipes from a foodie chef Jaspreet Nirula. This time I chose the Khus Khus Malai chicken and didn’t realise what i was getting into.


This recipe asked for quite an elaborate process, First the thinly sliced onions had to be fried just right, then the masalas had to be ground well and cooked at various stages. And the finale ended with a dum style of cooking to extract the maximum flavour from the dish. The dish is super delicious and a must try to impress your guests.



Chicken 700gm
Oil 1/2 cup
Cloves 7-8 nos
Cumin 1tsp
Onions thinly sliced 3-4 medium
Tomatoes 4 medium (deseed and make puree)
Green Chillies 2nos
Khus Khus 1/2 cup (soaked in warm water for 30 mins)
Malai 3tbsp
Degi Mirch 2tsp
Chicken Masala Powder 2tsp
Garam Masala powder 1tsp
Salt to taste
Green Corriander chopped – 2tbsp for paste
Ghee 2tbsp


  1. Make a fine paste of Khus Khus, green chillies and coriander leaves. Keep aside
  2. Wipe the onions with a cloth and sprinkle some salt on it. Deep fry sliced onions to golden brown in color (be careful not to burn the onions, else they will taste bitter. Reserve the oil.
  3. In the same oil add cloves and cumin seeds, then add tomato puree and stir for a couple of minutes.
  4. Add degi mirch, chicken masala and salt. Mix well and keep stirring for 5 minutes.
  5. Add the khus khus paste to the tomato masala and mix well. Bhunno the masala till the oil separates. Keep stirring time to time. Make sure the heat is medium during this entire process.
  6. Now add Chicken and mix well. Bhunno it along with masala for 3-4 minutes and lower the heat.
  7. Now add 3/4th of fried onions – crush them with your hands and add over the chicken. Mix well and stir for a minute or so. Now add some water (enough for the chicken to cook). Adjust seasoning and cover the utensil and cook chicken on a low flame.
  8. Once the chicken is almost done, remove from flame and add malai. Mix in well. Adjust seasoning.
  9. Put the entire chicken with gravy in a degchi (for dum) – sprinkle remaining fried onions and green coriander and blobs of ghee – cover and seal the degchi with dough and put it on dum on a griddle(tawa) on a low heat for 15 minutes approx.
  10. Remove the seal and mix the chicken well and serve hot.