Date Rolls


My son had this big event at school. They were celebrating the festivals of India and his class had been assigned the festival of Eid. I made date rolls to be packaged as give aways for the event.

Mom has this super easy and healthy recipe that she has been making for years. I hate dates so never really ate or made the rolls. But everyone in my family absolutely love them. A healthy alternative to sugar laded confectionaries.



500 gms black soft seedless dates

2 tbsp Amul cream

8 marie biscuits powdered

1/2 cup chopped badams and sliced badams for decoration

1) Heat 2 tbsp amul cream, add 500 gms black soft seedless dates and mix.

2) Keep pressing for 10 mins till dates are soft and sticky.

3) Shut the gas, add powder of 6-8 Marie biscuits and chopped dry fruits of your choice. Mix well.

4) Shape into rolls and coat with biscuit powder.

5) Keep in the fridge for a couple of hrs and cut into slices.

6) Press a sliced badam for decoration.