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Dec 07

Prawn Pulao

Today being a holiday, I woke up late and around 11 am thought – let’s try a new dish. I haven’t made any savoury recently and I also had prawns in the freezer. I didn’t want to make the regular dishes with prawns so thought why not try a pulao. Messaged a few friends who …

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Jan 27

Kheema Chawal

Another recipe that I make pretty often is Kheema Chawal. Looks like some effort went into it but its actually such a quick easy recipe. Perfect to impress guests who turn up on short notice. Ingredients 1 big cup basmati rice 400 gms kheema 4 baby potatoes peeled and halved 3 laung 6 peppercorns 1″ …

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Jul 16

Dum Ghosht Biryani

A year ago I joined this group called Chef At Large that has had a huge impact in my life. I slowly developed an interest in cooking, a curiosity in experimenting, a passion for food and a new found talent in food photography. I blossomed under the praise, appreciation and encouragement showered on me and …

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Apr 22

Lebanese delicacy – Hashweh and baked Zaatar chicken

Chefs across Boundaries is a wonderful group of foodie chefs who come together once a month to experiment with different cuisines. Garima www.cafegarima.wordpress.com hosted the theme for the month which was Lebanese. Lebanese cuisine is an ancient one and part of the Levantine cuisine, which includes Egyptian cuisine, Palestinian cuisine, Syrian cuisine etc. Many dishes in …

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Mar 19

Kashmiri Pulao and Dum Kokur

Chefs across boundaries is a group of bloggers who challenge each other every month with cuisines and fusions that encourages us to step beyond our comfort zone and attempt something new. This month the challenge was given by Nidhi S Raj ( http://soulandspicebox.com/) to create a traditional Kashmiri dish. Now besides a Dum Aloo, I have never cooked anything …

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Mar 17

Cheesy Rice poppers

In my excitement during M’s party, I cooked too much rice. I mean 4-5 times the quantity. Happens sometimes when the mind plays tricks  The bottom half had gotten lumpy and was trying to figure out what to do. Researched some recipes from Indian to Italian and finally got an idea Made a cheesy white …

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Jan 28

Mexican Rice

Long ago, I read this recipe in a magazine. Don’t remember which – Woman’s Era, Caravan. Yeah my mom still subscribes to them. Now this is before I got into cooking. I had the habit of writing recipes in a long note book and saving it for a rainy day. A few years back, this …

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