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Feb 17

Spaghetti Bolognese

A hearty pasta that fills your heart and belly at the same time. The sauce originates from Bologna in Italy and is a meat based sauce. The sauce is simmered with tomatoes and a mince of mutton or beef. It is usually served with a flat pasta but in many places around the world, its …

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Mar 07

Goan Mince Potato Chops

Another wonderful dish from Goa. My love for the beautiful state is unparalleled. Chops are a wonderful way to present all kinds of meat and just right with a glass of your favourite spirit. A starter and meal all in one. Here mutton mince is lovingly embraced by silky potato mash caressed with an egg …

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Jan 27

Kheema Chawal

Another recipe that I make pretty often is Kheema Chawal. Looks like some effort went into it but its actually such a quick easy recipe. Perfect to impress guests who turn up on short notice. Ingredients 1 big cup basmati rice 400 gms kheema 4 baby potatoes peeled and halved 3 laung 6 peppercorns 1″ …

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May 28


Is there a dish that u have been wanting to make since ever but everyone’s preference overtook yours. For me one such dish is Moussaka Moussaka is a Greek bake layered with brinjals, mince cooked in tomatoes, sliced potatoes and a cheese sauce. It’s baked to a golden goodness and served family style. Every time …

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