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Goan Mince Potato Chops

Another wonderful dish from Goa. My love for the beautiful state is unparalleled. Chops are a wonderful way to present all kinds of meat and just right with a glass of your favourite spirit. A starter and meal all in one. Here mutton mince is lovingly embraced by silky potato mash caressed with an egg …

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Mutton Vindaloo

As kids, mom would make pork vindaloo often as it was my dad’s and middle sister’s favourite dish, We used to order this bread wala naan from the bakery and gobble the vindaloo with it. My eldest sister is a vegetarian (delivered at the wrong address maybe :P) and she would eat the creamy potatoes …

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Chicken Cafreal

Three alphabets G-O-A opens up a pitaara of memories and visuals and drunk days/nights and the aroma of food and the shirtless (hot and not) studs zooming around in bikes. Are u in Goa now Ok let’s move ahead, macchi frying somewhere, Rosy Aunty toiling over a steaming hot vat of feni, Bobbito (I knew …

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