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Cheese Corn Poppers

U see a post, u like it, u save the recipe. But for some reason never make it. I wonder why it took me nearly a year and a half to make it. Am so glad I did finally try the recipe. These potato corn poppers have the perfect little piece of mozzarella cheese hidden …

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Cheesy Palak Corn Tikkis

A dish that fails me every time are tikkis. Yeah I admit it. A basic thing like Tikki, I don’t seem to get it right. Then I went for a potluck and had this really interesting Tikki. I thought it was harra bharra and took a bite sceptically as I am not too fond of …

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Lemon garlic pan seared rawas

Lemon garlic pan seared rawas on a bed of sautéed vegetables with a side serving of creamed corn and mash potatoes I had so many plans for that fish – en papilotte or some interesting sauce but alas, it’s a school holiday and spent the good half of the day shopping with the kids. A …

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