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Coconut and Almond Macaroon

Super sinful right? I died and went to heaven. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and with a drizzle of melted chocolate to this coconut and almond macaroon is the perfect lift me up. Its a recipe I had saved over 9 months ago, that I kept thinking back to but never really …

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Red Masala Fish Curry

There are so many fish curry’s available in the varied cuisines of India. This one is more Southern coastal, but difficult to pinpoint it to one region. A big plus point for this curry is that its one of the easy to make recipes and it’s super yum. Steamed rice and a generous serving of …

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Coconut cake with dried rose petals

Is it tea time? Oh yes it is. And what’s perfect with tea, did u say cake? U got that right. A┬ámoist fragrant Coconut cake blended with pistachios and dried rose petals The use of freshly grated coconut gave it a wonderful barfi like texture and the rose petals a fragrant aroma.This is one cake …

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