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Oct 07

Eggless Coffee Cake

There are so many recipes out there. Some look perfect but when attempted are a dismal failure. Now I love coffee cakes and have made a few but all egg based. So when I get an order for an eggless coffee walnut cake for this weekend I readily said yes and then sat in a …

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Jul 15

Victoria Sponge cake

One of Britain’s most loved cakes is the Victoria sponge cake that supposedly has been named after Queen Victoria. Its a moist delicious and feather light sponge that is perfect to serve at tea time. Either slather it with cream and strawberries or lightly dust it with some icing sugar. Its absolute heaven when slightly …

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Jun 10

Armenian Nutmeg & Walnut Cake

I love baking and am mostly self taught. I enjoying reading new recipes but sometimes I feel too lazy to attempt them. But when u have company, that encourages u to try new things. So a group of us bakers try out new recipes and it’s so much fun gorging on bakes u never would …

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May 24

Mango Indulgence

I like mangoes. If I am in the mood then I love them too. Strangely I don’t like mango in any other form except as a fruit. I hate mango icecream or lassi or kulfi or barfi or etc etc. My cousin visiting from Canada decided to come to India in the peak of the …

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Jan 12

The prettiest cake I have made

This cake needed to feature on my blog. So here it is. A chocolate cake filled with fresh strawberry mousse and decorated with hand piped coloured ganache roses.  

Nov 28

Mix Berry Vanilla Cake

What if you miss celebrating your dearest friend’s birthday. Simple you just surprise her the next time you meet. She is someone who keeps nagging, is it eggless ¬†or please make eggless na.   A recipe I see so many bakers using recently has been on my mind. Everyone has good things to say about …

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Oct 31

Candyland cake

My son turned 5 and we have been having a countdown since a month. Every time I asked him what cake do u want, he kept having different requests. Once he wants a Spider-Man cake then a car cake then a jake and the never land cake then …. Finally I told him, leave it …

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Jun 30

Eggless Lemon cake with a lemon Glaze

I am in love with baking. If I am sleepless I bake, if I want to gift someone something I bake, if want to celebrate I bake. I may not be a professional baker or someone who can figure out the recipes by herself. I research recipes and save those I feel will work. I …

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Jun 09

Chocolate cake layered with mousse with a white chocolate frosting

It’s my besties son’s birthday and I really wanted to make a cake for him. When I asked what type of cake he wanted, he said a rainbow cake. Not yet attempted a rainbow cake so I immediately asked him for option B. So he said white chocolate. Eeeks. Now I hate white chocolate as …

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Jun 02

Lemon almond tea cake

A quiet corner, rains threatening to drench everything but the sun still not ready to give up. A favourite book, a hot cup of lemon tea and a generous slice of moist lemon almond cake. And just because I feel like it, a dollop of whipped cream on the side. Pure bliss. This cake is …

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