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Jun 28

Wine & Cheese Straws

Cakes are all that I seem to bake now a days. And since I started baking, my craving for sweets has completely reduced. Not that I hog on them but just the smell of vanilla and chocolate kind of makes me stay away from eating the desserts I bake. At a recent Baker’s meet, we …

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Apr 22

Cheese Corn Poppers

U see a post, u like it, u save the recipe. But for some reason never make it. I wonder why it took me nearly a year and a half to make it. Am so glad I did finally try the recipe. These potato corn poppers have the perfect little piece of mozzarella cheese hidden …

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Dec 03

Stuffed Mushrooms

Have u seen those cartoons that have these hearts popping out of their eyes when they see or hear something they love. Well I get like that when someone says mushrooms¬†ūüėćūüėć, esp stuffed mushrooms. I have been making these stuffed mushrooms for years and just realised for some reason have never featured them on the …

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Apr 30

Mushroom Stacks

There used to be a time when I absolutely hated mushrooms. Like abhorred them. I used to work in Pune that time and there used to be a restaurant called Zamus which was famous for their crispy fried mushrooms with garlic sauce. My friends ate there all the time and I was left looking at …

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Apr 10

Cucumber boats – The Far Away Sails

Presenting THE FAR AWAY SAILS Cucumber boats stuffed with hung yoghurt, corn and spinach, spices like Zaatar, Chilli flakes with aromatics of dried rose petals and pistachios. Every bite u take, the aroma of the rose petals is such a wonderful effect. My son loved them. Perfect for the summer heat. Ingredients 1 box Brittania …

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Mar 17

Cheesy Rice poppers

In my excitement during M’s party, I cooked too much rice. I mean 4-5 times the quantity. Happens sometimes when the mind plays tricks¬† The bottom half had gotten lumpy and was trying to figure out what to do. Researched some recipes from Indian to Italian and finally got an idea Made a cheesy white …

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Mar 02

Aloo Pohe Vade

VADE VADE VADE CUTLESS CUTLESS CUTLESS If u have travelled by train (which we did a lot of) you know what those words mean and how your heart starts thumping waiting for the first sight of the oily delicious deep fried balls of joy. I lived in Goa for a bit and travelled back to …

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Feb 16

French onion bites

Chefs Across Boundaries is a group of Chefs who set up challenges every month to encourage the participants to innovate, think out of the box and explore the culinary world. This month, one of the Members Hetal Kamdar ( hosted the challenge and her theme was Pondicherry cuisine.he Union Territory of Pondicherry boasts of a …

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Feb 10

Pindi Chhole on mini Laccha Parathas

I have been making Chhole since years and they always turn out wonderful. Spicy, tangy and I thought it can’t get better than this. Well it just did. I recently read an article how dried lentils like chickpeas, rajma , beans, etc don’t need to be soaked before cooking. So went ahead and straight away …

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Feb 06

Berry salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette

I recently bought some goose berries from the local vendor, at least I thought they were goose berries. While researching some recipes, I realised that they are not called gooseberries but have multiple names¬†Cape gooseberry¬†(South Africa),¬†Inca berry,¬†Aztec berry,¬†golden berry,¬†giant ground cherry,¬†African ground cherry,¬†Peruvian groundcherry,¬†Peruvian cherry,¬†pok pok¬†(Madagascar),¬†poha¬†(Hawaii),¬†ras bhari(India),¬†aguaymanto¬†(Peru),¬†uvilla¬†(Ecuador),¬†uchuva¬†(Colombia),¬†harankash¬†(Egypt),¬†amour en cage¬†(France, French for¬†love in a cage), and¬†Physalis¬†(United …

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