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Mar 13

Meat Hirwa Masala

It’s been a while since I have cooked something to post on my blog. There are actually quite a few dishes that are saved but have been too lazy to post. I keep getting side tracked. And now with no maid my hands are full. My friend Sahana kept telling me post something Mughlai or …

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Aug 16

Bhuna Ghosht

Mutton cravings were reaching a peak. Especially home cooked mutton. I was desperate for done but my kids don’t enjoy and have been procrastinating to cook for the two of us. Made full use of the Independence Day holiday and invited my family over for lunch with the joint purpose of celebrating Rakhi too Prepared …

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Mar 07

Mutton Stew & Neer Dosa

Mom is home and it’s time for me to be pampered. Well anytime mom is around whether at her place or mine it’s time for me to relax and be fed some of her famous delicacies. ūüėčūüėč Had nagged her once for the stew recipe but never landed making it for the blog. This weekend …

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Jan 27

Kheema Chawal

Another recipe that I make pretty often is Kheema Chawal. Looks like some effort went into it but its actually such a quick easy recipe. Perfect to impress guests who turn up on short notice. Ingredients 1 big cup basmati rice 400 gms kheema 4 baby potatoes peeled and halved 3 laung 6 peppercorns 1″ …

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Jan 22

Al’s Meat Chilli Fry

I met Alicia when I lived in Goa. She was my bestie for the 2 years i lived there. At that time I didn’t know to cook much and would love when she would feed me all her specialities. One of my favourites was her Beef chilli fry and would crave to eat it. She …

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May 28


Is there a dish that u have been wanting to make since ever but everyone’s preference overtook yours. For me one such dish is Moussaka Moussaka is a Greek bake layered with brinjals, mince cooked in tomatoes, sliced potatoes and a cheese sauce. It’s baked to a golden goodness and served family style. Every time …

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May 06

Mutton Vindaloo

As kids, mom would make pork vindaloo often as it was my dad’s and middle sister’s favourite dish, We used to order this bread wala naan from the bakery and gobble the vindaloo with it. My eldest sister is a vegetarian (delivered at the wrong address maybe :P) and she would eat the creamy potatoes …

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Apr 22

Lebanese delicacy – Hashweh and baked Zaatar chicken

Chefs across Boundaries is a wonderful group of foodie chefs who come together once a month to experiment with different cuisines. Garima¬†hosted the theme for the month which was Lebanese. Lebanese cuisine is an ancient one and part of the Levantine cuisine, which includes Egyptian cuisine, Palestinian cuisine, Syrian cuisine etc. Many dishes in …

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Mar 17

Shammi Kebab

A drink goes hand in hand with ???? Kebabs of course. And kebab that just Melts in your mouth and bursts with spices and flavours? SHAMMI KEBABS is the winner hands down. Mutton mince mixed with chillies, spices, garlic, ginger and all the wonders from the kitchen found in one delectable bite. Ingredients¬Ĺ kg mutton …

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Mar 15

Shepherds Pie

Shepherd’s pie¬†is a type of savoury pie¬†made with minced¬†meat and¬†mashed potato¬†on top. It comes from the¬†United Kingdom¬†and¬†Ireland though now the dish is now popular worldwide. In modern British English, the dish is usually called “cottage pie” if it is made with¬†beef. If it is made with¬†lamb¬†it is usually called “shepherd’s pie” In early cookery books, …

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