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Nov 08

Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast

Digging into my Mangalorean roots, I realised that one dish we never made at home was Ghee Roast. It is pretty famous on many Mangalore specialty restaurant menus but for some reason Mom never made this one. I know many vegetarians including my sister Savera who loves a ghee roast. Mushroom One being her favourite. …

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Mar 07

Mutton Stew & Neer Dosa

Mom is home and it’s time for me to be pampered. Well anytime mom is around whether at her place or mine it’s time for me to relax and be fed some of her famous delicacies. 😋😋 Had nagged her once for the stew recipe but never landed making it for the blog. This weekend …

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Jan 22

Sabudana and chana dal Payasam

Yaay. Vishual Foodie completes a year today. Time to celebrate So after quite a bit of nagging from my friends, a year ago I started this blog. Many helped me with all the technical know how and edged me on to expand my food horizons   Some recipes are from my family pitaara and some …

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May 31

Bangda Puli Munchi

I am not a big fan of bangda or mackerel but every time I have made this curry, it’s always a finger licking hit. Its not as watery as regular curries and thats what makes it different. A thick gravy with loads of chillies (munchi), very little coconut and the right balance of sourness with …

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May 02

Kuku Da Kajipu (Mango curry)

Summer is here and the season of mangoes is in full bloom. Mangoes usually means aamras, pickles, mousse, milkshakes, desserts. In Mangalore we make curries out of it. I have previously posted a pineapple menaskai (curry) recipe that can also be made into a mango menaskai Another variant in curries is the Kuku Da Kajipu which …

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Feb 18

Marvay da Addye – Mangalorean speciality

Comfort food. Especially mom ke haath ka comfort food. Heaven. When asked what it was, after a lon hard thought, decided it had to be this dish. Marvaay da addye or mussels and steamed rice balls cooked in spicy coconut gravy. I don’t like mussels at all but absolutely love this dish. The mussels are …

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Feb 12

Fluffy Idlis with Sambhar and coconut chutney

Busting some myths – The South Indian is not always a Madraasi. We have 5 states. Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu – The South Indian women are only clad in heavy Kanjivaram sarees with gajra on her oily hair. Check my profile pick as the myth buster here – The South Indian …

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Feb 10

Mangalorean Bhindi Curry & Beans Upkari

Before marriage, most of our home cooked meals were always saars, resaas and upkaris. That in translation means coconut based curries or dry veggies. Post marriage, being married to a Pahadi, I cook south indian simple food only occasionally. Today’s lunch was a tangy Bhindi curry in a spiced coconut gravy with some steamed rice. …

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Jan 28

Mangalorean Padengi Gassi with Masala Dahi Bhaath

A home cooked Mangalorean meal usually features Padengi gassi – green moong coconut curry and a dahi bhaath. The tangy curd rice is such a wonderful partner to the spicy creamy lentil curry. Its the simple meals that we crave at times and it never fails to satiate our tastebuds and cravings.   Padengi gassi – green …

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Jan 21

Mangalorean Chicken Sukka

My mom is known for her cooking and whenever we have a party at home, the one dish that she has to make 90% of the time is Kori Aajadina or chicken Sukka. Fantastic to dunk ur bread or Dosa in the rich creamy thick coconut gravy. Never fails to delight. MOMS SUKKHA CHICKEN – Mangalorean style …

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