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Jun 26

Spinach Soup

It’s a lazy lazy Sunday. The skies have opened up and it’s that kind of day where u want some comfort food without too much effort. A friend had dropped in for dinner and since I was making lasagna asked her to get some bread to go with it. But we never landed eating it …

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Apr 22

Cheese Corn Poppers

U see a post, u like it, u save the recipe. But for some reason never make it. I wonder why it took me nearly a year and a half to make it. Am so glad I did finally try the recipe. These potato corn poppers have the perfect little piece of mozzarella cheese hidden …

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Dec 27

Pasta with a charred red pepper sauce

I call myself a foodie but I also have a long list of food I hate. My friends and family have been given that long list to memorise as it seriously upsets me when they don’t remember what I hate.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Yeah. I am a fussy foodie. On the list, besides a million other things is …

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Dec 03

Stuffed Mushrooms

Have u seen those cartoons that have these hearts popping out of their eyes when they see or hear something they love. Well I get like that when someone says mushroomsย ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜, esp stuffed mushrooms. I have been making these stuffed mushrooms for years and just realised for some reason have never featured them on the …

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Oct 31

Walnut & Strawberry Chocolate Fudge

My daughters school has a Diwali party today and she wanted to me to make something to share with her friends. It slipped my mind till late last night and then I panicked. God, am late. She is gonna be mad if I don’t make something. The easiest recipe came to mind. So made a …

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Sep 27

Eggless Lemon Almond cupcakes

Are u fed up of chocolate cakes. I know I am. Though not for long. Chocolate is one of my true lovesย ๐Ÿ˜ But once in a while, you need a change. Something lemony, tangy, delicious. These eggless lemon almond cupcakes with a lemony whipped cream hits the right spot. Ingredients   All purpose flour – …

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Jun 30

Eggless Lemon cake with a lemon Glaze

I am in love with baking. If I am sleepless I bake, if I want to gift someone something I bake, if want to celebrate I bake. I may not be a professional baker or someone who can figure out the recipes by herself. I research recipes and save those I feel will work. I …

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Jun 25

Pesto and Spiced Cheese Pull Apart Loaf

  Phobias are meant to be conquered. I have a phobia of crowds – Enochlophobia. Can’t go to a busy public place as I start to have palpitations when it’s too crowded. Am trying to overcome it but looks like I am fighting a losing battle Another phobia is working with yeast. The only class …

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Apr 30

Mushroom Stacks

There used to be a time when I absolutely hated mushrooms. Like abhorred them. I used to work in Pune that time and there used to be a restaurant called Zamus which was famous for their crispy fried mushrooms with garlic sauce. My friends ate there all the time and I was left looking at …

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Apr 10

Cucumber boats – The Far Away Sails

Presenting THE FAR AWAY SAILS Cucumber boats stuffed with hung yoghurt, corn and spinach, spices like Zaatar, Chilli flakes with aromatics of dried rose petals and pistachios. Every bite u take, the aroma of the rose petals is such a wonderful effect. My son loved them. Perfect for the summer heat. Ingredients 1 box Brittania …

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